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Autumn Morning (300 Large Piece EZ Grip Puzzle)
  • Autumn Morning (300 Large Piece EZ Grip Puzzle)
  • WARNING: May contain small parts.

Autumn Morning

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No. Pieces:
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24" x 18"
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This fabulous jigsaw puzzle is one of our many large piece puzzles. Each piece is extra large, making this puzzle a great choice for older individuals who need larger, easier-to-handle jigsaw puzzle pieces. This particular puzzle is manufactured by White Mountain puzzles, which means it is 100% American Made (Made in the USA). And speaking of America, this jigsaw puzzle is perfect for the American in your heart. A young farmer watches over his small herd of cows on a beautiful fall morning.

This product features a missing piece replacement guarantee, provided by the manufacturer. For help with missing pieces, call White Mountain Puzzles at 800-548-8009.