Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 6th Dec 2018

Winter Jigsaw Puzzles

Winter is upon us! Many places have gotten snow and are getting ready for the cold months ahead. Sitting in a warm room with a jigsaw puzzle is a cozy way to spend the time avoiding the chill!

Don't forget - jigsaw puzzles make great gifts to people of any age!

At Wholesale Puzzles, we have many Winter Puzzles. We're featuring a few of our favorites here so you can glance through them. Don't forget to visit our  Winter Puzzles page, though, and see if there's anything you'd like to add to your personal collection!

Winter Feeder

Colorful varieties of songbirds gather for a quick meal at a birdhouse while snow gently falls around them.

----    ----    ----

Hockey Night

They're either on their way to the ice or on the way home, and these boys came prepared for a good winter game!

---- ---- ----

Snow Brother

A bluebird stops on a sled to greet a smiling frozen friend, complete with hat, scarf, and carrot nose.

----    ----    ----

Through the Woods

These woods aren't scary at all, even at night! People skate, play, ride, sled, and throw snowballs to fully enjoy every second of snowy winter!

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Winter Village Square

The cobblestone street isn't covered in a layer of snow, but almost everything else is in this quaint little town.