Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 25th Apr 2019

Welcome to Spring!

We don't know how things have been for you wherever you are, but it's been a very long winter for us. The first day of spring was more than a month ago, but it sure didn't feel like it to us! But now the sun has come out for more than a few short hours at a time, and we're feeling a little more confident about the possibility of winter being over.

To celebrate the promise of warmer, sunny weather, we're featuring a few of our favorite spring puzzles so you can get in the mood, too! And even if it's either too hot or too cold (or even too rainy or windy) to enjoy the spring weather where you are, you can always grab one of these puzzles and enjoy it by proxy.

Morning Glory

Lilac Cottage

Save the Bees

Spring in Grandma's Garden

Villa Bella Vista