27th Jul 2016

Travel and Landmark Jigsaw Puzzles

Summer is stereotypically the perfect time for a vacation, for sightseeing, and for enjoying the great outdoors. However, sometimes it's too hot, sometimes we don't have time ... Unfortunately, there are many things that can prevent us from enjoying a little away time.

The good news is that doing a nice jigsaw puzzle can help you feel like you've visited a far-off place without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Today, we'd like to feature a few of the great puzzles from our Travel and Landmark category. These puzzles showcase landmarks, buildings, cities, and landscapes that are perfect for sightseeing.

Cabo San Lucas

Beaches are notoriously great places to unwind ad re-connect with nature. Building sand castles, swimming, splashing, and just enjoying the sun are easy activities to participate in near the ocean. Cabo San Lucas is just one of many places you can do this.

Eiffel Tulips

Paris in the spring is nice, but really, Paris any time is nice, so you'll love this puzzle, which has a great flower-framed view of one of the most manmade famous structures on the planet.

New Orleans Streetcars

Visit the deep south for a one-of-a-kind experience of rich culture, beautiful architecture, and delicious food. Take a ride on the well-known streetcars, grab a bite, and breathe in the delightful scenery.

Norwegian Fjord

If you're not the beach or city type, perhaps an outdoor visit with an emphasis on hiking, boating, or even a cruise, perhaps you'd be more interested in the Norwegian Fjord. Blue winding rivers are surrounded by tall, snow-capped mountains with lush greenery all around.

Around the World 10-in-1 Collection

Can't decide? We have a couple of great puzzle collections with many options. This particular set includes puzzles with scenes from Greece, Florida, New York, Italy, Thailand, Austria, Tanzania, Holland, Japan, and Brazil, so you can get your fill of traveling the world!

Hop on over to our Travel and Landmark page, browse the many puzzles there, and find something you like!