4th Jun 2015

Summer Jigsaw Puzzles

Well, it's that time of year again! The young people are wrapping up the school year and the warm weather is just about upon us ... what now? Summer is a perfect time to do a jigsaw puzzle or two. It's nice to be inside and enjoy the air conditioning and comfortable seating while working on fun puzzles.

We have a whole section devoted to summer-themed jigsaw puzzles. Bask in the beauty of a tranquil sunset by the lake, look at colorful flowers, watch fireworks, and smile at all of the local wildlife -- all without leaving your home. It's like taking a vacation without all of the hassle of actually going.

Paradise Found

Puzzles are more than just an activity or game. Spending time playing video games or on Facebook does not offer any real benefits, but spending time doing a jigsaw puzzle can help people build problem-solving skills, sorting skills and a sense of accomplishment when finished.

Summer Spirit

Even better, though, is that you might need something to keep the children occupied. Do you have an army of kids who just became free from their academic prisons? These kids can unleash a world of terror on any unsuspecting Mom, Dad, Grandparent or innocent bystander. Not only do these kids require what appears to be an endless amount of food to keep them at bay, but now you've got three months to keep them busy, too!

Puzzles can be a great tool to keep your kids busy. They can take up a large amount of time to complete. Older children are fully capable of handling jigsaw puzzles with 1,000 pieces or more. A skilled puzzler can spend 8 hours or more on such a large puzzle, so imagine how much time your young, inexperienced child could spend piecing together a puzzle!

Cat in a Flower Pot

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Happy Puzzling!