18th May 2017

Summer Jigsaw Puzzles

We're coming up on a fun time of year. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and nothing sounds better than a comfy, air-conditioned room, with a tall glass of something cool, and a jigsaw puzzle to keep your attention. Yep, that's our ideal summer. In between camping trips, vacations, summer parties and other kid-related activities, hopefully you can find time to sit down and relax.

Of course, you'll want a good, summer-related puzzle, even if it's only meant to distract the kids from video games and television. Since we have plenty to choose from, we've decided to feature a few that we love a lot here. Most of our summer puzzles feature blooming flowers, green grass, and birds or animals that are enjoying it. Of course, we have several that are more focused on sunsets, trees, and cityscapes, but we'll let you look at those when you're browsing.

This first puzzle combines several of our favorite things - flowers, summer, birds, tasty vegetables, and quilting! In Full Bloom, a 500-piece puzzle from Cobble Hill, is a design you'll love so much you might want to frame it and hang it on the wall.

In Full Bloom

In Flower Cottage, you'll find some pink spring tulips as well as roses and many other colorful flowers surrounding a white cottage. Birds and butterflies alike flit about this veritable forest of flowers. You can almost smell the flowers from here! This puzzle is a 1000-piece puzzle from Lafayette.

Flower Cottage

Country Meadow, a 300-piece puzzle with larger pieces, brings you to a grassy green field, where horses are happily prancing, In the foreground, songbirds comfortably perch on whatever's available. The art is provided by the Hautman Brothers Collection.

Country Meadow

And since we've moved to countryside summer scenes, we love this one - Fenceline Pals shows a collection of unlikely friends hanging out at the fence. Donkeys and geese pause to soak in the beautiful day in this large-piece 300-piece jigsaw puzzle from Sunsout.

Fenceline Pals

We'll wrap up our post here with a relaxing evening on a beach, watching the sun go down. What could be more reminiscent of a perfect vacation than that? Artist Kim Norlien provides this picturesque location in Summertime, a 1000-piece puzzle from Buffalo Games.


Summer is such a lovely season! And depictions of the tranquility of nature in puzzle form are always a favorite of ours. Shop summer jigsaw puzzles here and enjoy the coming months!