Puzzles By Pieces

Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 1st Dec 2017

Puzzles By Pieces

As we head into the bulk of the holiday season, most people are shopping for gifts. Sometimes it's easy to find the perfect gift (i.e. if the person you're buying for has specified to you exactly what they want), but more often it's very difficult. There are always things people need, and things they want, and it's tough to find a good balance. 

Luckily, we're here to remind you that jigsaw puzzles make excellent gifts for people of all ages. It's true that puzzles can help exercise your brain muscle and keep you mentally healthy, but they're also just both satisfying and relaxing. There's something cathartic about being in the "puzzle zone." Puzzles are also a great family activity for snowy days or any time you want to spend time together.


Love by Charles Wysocki

For the kids, older people, and those who "don't have the patience" for jigsaw puzzles, we recommend a good 300-piece puzzle. Fewer pieces mean it doesn't take as much effort, which makes it less frustrating. The larger pieces are good for both young hands without a lot of dexterity and older hands that have trouble gripping things. We have a great selection of 300-piece puzzles. And best of all, if you know what type of puzzle someone on your list likes (Americana or cat puzzles, etc), you can select that option from our main menu, then narrow down the results by selecting 300 from the Pieces filter on the left column of the page.

For those in a middle category, you'll love our 500-piece puzzles. Some are large piece and some are small, but you're sure to find something that piques your interest in the great selection we have.

A Song for a New Day

And, of course, if you or the person you're getting a puzzle for is ready for a challenge, browse our selection of 1000-piece puzzles. The pieces are usually smaller and there are a lot more of them. We do have several large-piece puzzles with 1000-pieces, so if that's what you'd prefer, be sure to narrow down your selection with that same filter menu on the left side of the page so you can view only what you're interested in.

From travel puzzles to tractor puzzles, we have a little of everything to satisfy the tastes of everyone on your list. So do your holiday shopping, don't forget to pick something up for yourself as a treat for getting everything done so quickly, and enjoy a jigsaw puzzle!

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Home Country Puzzles

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