Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 30th Jan 2020

New Wysocki Puzzles

You probably noticed, but we just got in a shipment of new Buffalo Games puzzles, and we've got 8 new Charles Wysocki puzzles, some with 1000 pieces, and some with 300 large pieces, so there's something for everyone. We love these classic Americana designs, and we know you will, too. Here are a couple of our favorites!

Teddy Friends

We love how nice this 300-piece puzzle is - with bright colors, clean lines, and a fun group of teddy bears!

Max in the Adirondacks

It's almost tough to locate Max amid the clutter on this fishing table, but he's there, sleeping, content, and happy!

We also have several new puzzles from other favorite artists, such as Terry Redlin, Chuck Pinson, Kim Norlien, and more! Below are a couple of highlights from the new puzzles by other great artists!

Brookside Retreat

There's something tranquil about Chuck Pinson's idyllic art - with colorful flowers and quiet streams complete with regal swans.

Morning Warm Up

Terry Redlin - a very popular American artist - offers us a quiet scene as people gather early in the day to talk before separating.