Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 7th Jun 2018

New Ravensburger and Cobble Hill Puzzles

We have just received many new puzzles into our inventory here, and we know they're going to be right up your alley! Ravensburger -- the top-of-the-line brand -- has sent us the latest and greatest puzzles in a variety of piece counts.

Meet Me at the Beach

This 300-piece puzzle has large pieces, making them easy to see and handle. It's a brightly colored set of umbrellas on the ocean-side sand.

Hillside Retreat

This quaint Victorian cottage is idyllic. It's also surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers, a gently flowing river overlooked by a stone arch bridge, and a well-used dirt path that's perfect for a horse and buggy!

Planetary Vision

Take a trip into space from the comfort of your own home! Planets, galaxies, stars, and more are laid out in this puzzle in a colorful collage of the final frontier.

We'll be getting more puzzles in from Ravensburger, as well as several from other companies like Cobble Hill as well, so stay tuned for the latest available new puzzles!