3rd Nov 2016

New - Lafayette Puzzles!

For those of you who didn't already notice, we're now carrying Lafayette puzzles! These great puzzles feature a wide variety of piece sizes and styles, so you're sure to find something you like. And with more than 100 new puzzles added to the site, the options are even greater.

Some of the artists with these puzzles will probably be recognizable to you (Bob Pettes and Anthony Kleem, to name a couple), and many will be new, but you just may find a new artist you like in this selection!

In order to help you, we've selected a couple of puzzles to highlight and hopefully make it easier to find a series, style, or piece count. But we do recommend you look through them all, since they're all just so good.

The Home Country Series is probably one of our favorites. Reminiscent of a mix of Wysocki, Heronim, and Jane Wooster Scott, these cute puzzles are great for anyone who likes Americana folk art. We've picked Lake Point Resort to feature here (shown below). Many cabins are sitting lakeside, where campers canoe, fish, row, and kayak to their hearts' content, surrounded by quiet forests.

Lake Point Resort

If you're more of the patriotic type than a camper, perhaps you'll like our next choice. Sunflowers and Flag is a gorgeous combination of fresh flowers on a table that has all the gardening supplies you'll need the colors are soothing, and there are 500 pieces in this great puzzle.

Sunflowers and Flag

Like cats? Birds? This unlikely duo of a duck and a cat have the best vantage point in the room, and they're taking advantage of it! In Observation Post, you'll find a 500-piece puzzle with more realistic subjects and fun themes.

Observation Post

A quiet but well-kept cottage away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life is a plus for anyone. Lilac Cottage is a place you will, no doubt, want to find yourself. Purple and white flowers form an ideal border on this puzzle.

Lilac Cottage

How about this once-in-a-lifetime view? Inthis aptly-titled 1000-piece puzzle, Balloons Over the Mountains, you'll get a great view of not only some very brightly-colored hot air balloons, but also the snow-capped mountains below.

Balloons Over the Mountains

Finally, we think you'll really like Antique Barn, where a large red barn is selling treasures of all kinds. From old farm equipment to handmade quilts and everything in between, you'll have fun looking at all of the details of this puzzle.

Antique Barn

So hop over and check out all of the new Lafayette puzzles, pick out a couple, and treat yourself! Happy Puzzling!