16th Nov 2015

New Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles

No doubt you've already noticed, but in case you hadn't, we thought we'd let you know that there are several new Charles Wysocki puzzles available for sale now! These fun puzzles feature the expected Americana-style artwork by this classic artist. There are two 300-large-piece titles as well as one 1000-piece title.

A Delightful Day on Sparkhawk Island
A Delightful Day on Sparkhawk Island - friends play horseshoes on a breezy day with the ocean in the background.

Rockland Breakwater Light
Rockland Breakwater Light - people sail on a perfect day in the bay.

Whaler's Bay
Whaler's Bay - this 1000-piece puzzle features a setting sun and tranquil town.

Although he began his career as a commercial artist, Wysocki was drawn to the slower, farm-like lifestyle that came from his wife's background. It became the biggest influence of his painting career and, in fact, is probably one of the main things that made him so successful (that, and an incredible amount of raw talent).

Olde Buck's County
Pumpkins, root beer, apple butter, and more abound in this quaint little town in autumn.

Fun-Lovin' Silly Folks
These happy people celebrate outside the oyster house by the seaside.

Country Gardens
Beautiful green fields surround farms, homes, and a winding river.

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