10th Jan 2018

Learn More About Dominic Davison

Happy New Year!

As we welcome in 2018, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We're happy you're here. If you have questions about puzzles you'd like but don't see, or about puzzles we carry, let us know either by chatting with us during business hours (use the "Chat with Us" box in the lower left corner of your screen), calling us at 801-544-4242, or sending us a message by email. We'd love you help you.

Dominic Davison paints a lot of beautiful, peaceful rural scenes, and we love his puzzles. We thought we’d just share a few interesting points about him.

Evening at the Barnyard

His home in the United Kingdom, Buckinghamshire, provides most of the inspiration for the tranquil landscapes in which he specializes.

The French Walkway

On his website, we read that “his hobbies include the cinema, videogames, art galleries, and making music.” He is a writer as well as a painter and spent time working as a freelance artist, as well.

Find Dominic Davison’s puzzles here and enjoy the idyllic paintings!