Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 2nd Aug 2019

Learn More About Artist Eric Dowdle

In case anyone is new to these delightful little puzzles, or just doesn't yet know much about this artist, we thought we’d introduce everyone to the exciting artist, Eric Dowdle. This is taken from his web site. Shop his fun puzzles here.


“From the delightful perspectives that he paints, [Eric Dowdle] captivates people of all ages with the wit, charm and detail in which he portrays a scene. His quirky, funny and infectious personality is represented in his art and he is known worldwide for folk art paintings which translate into puzzles and prints for all ages."

Before painting a new landscape, Dowdle often interviews people he finds in that location, as well as learning about notable landmarks. The funny and entertaining people in his art are often representations of actual people he met while preparing to paint.

Early Start

“Eric started painting in his early twenties, parting ways with college after one year, to “go make something happen”. Making things happen is how Eric does things—painting, exploring, marketing, and working day and night to expand the business and his collection of over 250 paintings. 

“Today, his work is distributed throughout the world. His research has taken him everywhere, from Kenya and China to the South Pacific and Europe. And yet, his favorite destination location is still home in Utah, with his wife and five children.”

Dowdle also sells art in other media, including coloring books, fine art, and more.

Radio and TV

“As a painter of folk art, Eric has traveled the world wide to learn more about interesting cities and locations to feature in his unique paintings. Now he takes you with him on his travels to discover these fun new places.” 

In addition to his ongoing painting and radio series, Dowdle has been filming a PBS TV series called Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle, in New Orleans.

Don't forget to look at Eric Dowdle's unique puzzles before you leave!