7th Sep 2016

Learn a Little About Artist Darrell Bush

You may recognize the artwork of Darrell Bush even if you don't initially recognize his name - it is characterized most often by peaceful lakeside scenes, sometimes with a great view of the cabin, and sometimes with a depiction of fishing or a beautiful sunset. Reminiscent of a home away from home, Bush's art can almost make you feel like you're there at the lake or in the mountains.

Loon Lake

After winning a couple of stamp art competitions as well as pursuing a fine arts degree in Illinois, Bush decided to pursue a career in art. He had a longstanding connection to the outdoors, and it shows in his paintings. "From its incredible landscapes to the animals that inhabit it and even our involvement with it, the wilderness has always fascinated me," he said. "Once you take that step into the wilderness, the distractions of daily life are left behind, and you're transported to that eternal place in nature that always seems to be waiting."

Silent Shores

Darrell Bush has generously given back to many organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America's fundraising program and the National Fish and Wildlife Federation.

Bush's art has been displayed all over the country. In fact, two of his lithographs are hanging in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. He has won several awards, and his art is collected by not only celebrities but also corporations such as Cabela's and John Deere.

Canoe Lake

Of course, the puzzles featuring his art are pretty fantastic, too. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you enjoy a Darrell Bush puzzle. When you're done, you can even glue it and frame it to keep a little of the great outdoors visible in your home at all times.

View many Darrell Bush puzzles here.

Much of this information was gathered from Darrell Bush's web page at www.darrellbushart.com.