27th Jul 2017

Large Piece Puzzles

We know you love them - they are always our best-sellers! Large piece puzzles are great for their bigger, thicker pieces that are easier to hold for both the young and the elderly alike. Pieces that are easier to grasp and put together make for a much better puzzle.

We have several options when shopping for large piece puzzles. You can get them by piece count, style, and more. If you're looking for a specific brand of large-piece puzzle, you can go to "All Large Piece Puzzles" and then select your preferred brand from the filter menu on the left of the screen, or you can select your page based on style. Easy Handling puzzles are all 275-piece Cobble Hill puzzles,, and Easy Grip puzzles come from Masterpieces, Cardinal, or White Mountain. 

Cats Retreat

Oversized large piece puzzles, for the purposes of our website organization, are basically puzzles with more than 300 pieces (generally either 500 or 1000). If you like the thicker, larger pieces, but want more of a challenge, this is the section for you. Once you're here, you can narrow down your selection even more with the filter menu on the left side of the screen.

General Store

Most people love the large selection of 300-piece puzzles we have available. Many of them come from Sunsout, but there are plenty of other options, too. You can browse hundreds of puzzles in this section.

Back to School

Of course, if you have an idea of a genre of puzzle, you can go to that category and then use the filter menu on the left to ensure you only have large piece puzzles. For example, if you know you want a dog puzzle, use the menu on the top of the page to go to More --> Dog Puzzles, and then scroll down a bit until you see the Piece Size filter on the left menu. You can also do the same to get a particular piece count.

Don't forget that you can also always use the search bar at the top of the screen to find what you're looking for. You can do a search for "tractor" and then narrow down the search results using the same method mentioned above to help you find what you're looking for in the simplest and quickest way.

If you would like to get a general idea of the size of the puzzle pieces in any given puzzle, there is a simple equation to do so: Multiply the finished sides of a puzzle and divide by the number of pieces. I.E. if you have a 300-piece puzzle that is 18" x 24", you would multiply 18x24=432, then divide by 300 to get 1.44, meaning the pieces are, on average, 1.44" in size.

Now that you know how to easily navigate the website, it's time to find yourself a new puzzle! Grab a large piece puzzle, pull up a chair, and enjoy!