28th Dec 2015

Happy New Year from Wholesale Puzzles!

It's time for another year, and we're definitely making some New Year's Resolutions here at Wholesale Puzzles. We resolve to do more jigsaw puzzles, and we think you should, too! Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind (and hands) active. They are also great for the kids and as a family activity as well.

If you're new to our website, or to puzzles in general, or want to branch out, we'd like to list a couple of our best-selling categories so you can get yourself started.

Charles Wysocki

This beloved artist paints images of rural America, coasts and lighthouses, and sneaky, mischievous cats. We've found that there's always room in a collection for something by  Charles Wysocki! One of our favorites is Proud Lil' Angler, shown below.

Jane Wooster Scott

A famous Americana painter, Jane Wooster Scott portrays colorful, vibrant, and happy scenes of yesteryear.   She's often coming out with new puzzles, and they're always a hit, so be sure to check out our collection of puzzles by Jane Wooster Scott! One of our favorites is Patchwork America, shown below.

300-Piece Large-Piece Puzzles

Sometimes, 1000 or even 500 pieces is just too much, and that's okay, because we have a large selection of 300-piece jigsaw puzzles with larger pieces for easier handling and grasp. No matter what your preference is, we have something with a lower number of larger pieces that will be just what you need, so check out our 300-Piece Large Piece Puzzles! One of our best-sellers is Last Swim of the Season by artist Bob Pettes, shown below.

Farm and Country Jigsaw Puzzles

Finally, when you want to escape the craziness of city and everyday life, we have the perfect category for you. Notable for their fields, tractors, livestock, and slower nature, these puzzles instill nostalgic memories and tranquil days. Pick up some of our Farm and Country Puzzles! One of our best-sellers is Amish Schoolyard by artist Joseph Burgess, shown below.

We're looking forward to many new puzzles this coming year as well as plenty of old favorites for you to enjoy! As always, if you don't see a puzzle you're looking for, contact us during business hours using the chat box on this (or any) page, or send us a message using one of the contact methods on  customer service page here. We love your feedback, because that's the way we know what we need to improve on.

Happy New Year, and Happy Puzzling!