30th Jun 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Here in the United States, we're about to have a big holiday - the 4th of July, when we celebrate the day our nation declared independence. Traditionally, we love to watch parades and fireworks, enjoy the company of family and friends, eat plenty of food from barbecues, and participate in fun outdoor recreational activities.

Whether or not your doing those activities, you can always work on a jigsaw puzzle inside the nice, comfortable, air-conditioned home. We've even picked out a couple of puzzles that are either patriotic or perfect summer-themed scenes that will help you reminisce about the good ol' days.

Fireworks Finale

Bonnie White, artist from the beloved Heartland Series, brings us the perfect view of giant fireworks in the sky as the sun has set. Children play and townspeople move about, but almost everyone is proudly displaying an American flag.

Statue of Liberty

Artist Eric Dowdle offers a great 19th century view of one of the most iconic symbols of American pride - the grand Statue of Liberty. Ships from many nations come in and out of port around this famous landmark.

Picnic at the Beach

Don't forget the food! No matter what else you do for fun during the hot summer months, there should always be some time set aside for hot dogs, burgers, chips, and watermelon.

Let's Fly a Kite

Take the kids (or the dogs!) outside for some fresh air and good, old-fashioned fun flying kites if you're lucky enough to get a nice breeze. A kitten watches these two dogs get their kites up in the air.

Hot Air

Sometimes, it's nice to watch other people's summer activities, and hoards of hot air balloons are amazing to see in the sky together! This puzzle features countless brightly-colored flying balloons.

You can always find a few more patriotic puzzles here, or search the site and treat yourself to a mid-summer celelbration of jigsaw puzzles!