Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 20th Dec 2018

Gift Cards Make Great Holiday Presents!

If you want your package to be delivered by Christmas, you're almost out of luck! You'll have to order by 1pm Friday, December 21st, and select overnight shipping for it to be delivered by Monday, December 24th. Don't forget that overnight and other expedited shipping is not delivered on weekends.

... Unless you want to give the universal gift to the puzzle lovers in your life - a gift card!

When you can't decide on the perfect gift, you're not sure what your giftees need and want, or you don't have time for it to arrive for Christmas, you might be interested in a gift card. Gift cards are great because if what they really want is outside of your gift-giving budget, you can at least help them pay for it! They are also convenient since you don't have to make a decision immediately, and, even better, if they don't like what you've given them, there doesn't need to be any awkwardness during a return process. Let them pick their own gift, and everyone wins!

Find the Wholesale Chess Gift Certificate page here.

If you choose to have the card sent to a recipient, they'll receive an email with the code and amount. If you'd rather present it to them on a holiday (or birthday), you can have it sent to yourself, print it out, and hand it over as a physical reminder.

Gift cards will even be available for purchase on Christmas, so if you've totally forgotten about a gift, you can still grab one before it's too late!

Happy Holidays!