18th May 2016

Get Ready for Summer!

The kids are about to be out of school for the summer, and with the weather venturing from warm to hot, you might be interested in staying inside where it's comfortably air-conditioned. When you need those quiet, indoor breaks, it's probably time for a jigsaw puzzle.

Generally speaking, summer reminds us of the things we fill those carefree days with as children: adventure, warmth, beaches, camping, and vacations. It's a fantastic time of year to reminisce and have fun. And do puzzles, of course (because every time of year is puzzle time!).

We have a great selection of seasonal summer puzzles, and we're going to feature a couple of our favorites here so you can have a chance to see them if you haven't already.

Summer Blooms

This delightful puzzle features a basket filled with beautiful flowers, picked and stored so conveniently that it's attracting birds and butterflies. It's got 300 large pieces.

Ready For Summer

Sailing, sandcastles, and seagulls - oh, my! You can almost picture yourself relaxing on this tranquil beach blanket with the shade of an umbrella offering shelter from the sun. If you're looking for a challenging puzzle, this one is for you.

Summer Breeze

If you're not one for the busy, tourist-y attractions for your summer travels, you might be more interested in this puzzle, where you can find yourself on a porch, looking out over a well-manicured lawn to a serene lake in the distance.

Summer Vacation

This cover from The New Yorker in 1934 is a great summary of all things summer-related: from the mountains, picnics, and canoeing at the top, the image transitions to a slower, relaxed beach at the bottom, and all of the other stereotypical summer activities in between.

Not seeing something you like yet? Don't worry; there are plenty more where those came from. And don't forget that you can save 10% on your order through September 2016 with promo code PUZZLE10. So go ahead, browse what's available, get yourself a new puzzle, and kick back with a tall glass of something refreshing. Happy Puzzling!