2nd Nov 2017

Food & Drink Puzzles

Once Halloween is over the rest of the holidays come up on us quickly. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! We love Thanksgiving, both because we enjoy family gatherings and also because we just really love good food.

Here at Wholesale Puzzles, we have a special category specially for food and drink. We thought we'd feature a few of these puzzles while our mouths are watering in delight and excited expectation of the upcoming holiday.

Cake Pops

Colorful, ready to eat, and oh-so-delicious, these cake pops are wins in every category.

The Blessing

Someone is getting an early start on this outdoor picnic!

Ice Cream Truck

There's nothing quite as refreshing as some ice cream on a hot day.

Sweet Shop

No matter what type, flavor, or style you prefer in your candy, you can find it here in Aimee Stewart's Sweet Shop!

We have dozens of other food or drink puzzles to choose from, so come check them out, find something yummy, and enjoy!