7th Dec 2015

Find Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories!

Looking to save a puzzle after you've finished doing it? Here at Wholesale Puzzles, we carry a number of different options for you to glue your puzzle together. We'll also look at another popular jigsaw puzzle accessory at the end of this blog post.

Today we'll be comparing our Jigsaw Puzzle Glue from Masterpieces with our Puzzle Glue and Go from Ravensburger. Both are great options, but which one is best? Which has the easiest application or is the least messy? We also wanted to demonstrate how to use these two types of glue, since people who have never tried to glue a puzzle together can find it intimidating or confusing the first time. Check out the (rather long, sorry) video below to see what conclusions we came to. We'll show you how to apply the glue, how long we left it to dry, and the end result of one coat.

  Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

In addition to the two types of puzzle glue, we have a newer option from Buffalo Games, the Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver. This is less messy than either of the other options because there's no glue at all -- you simply peel and stick!

Puzzle Roll-Up Case

We also have one other fun puzzle accessory available for when you start a puzzle on the table but don't have time to finish it before it's time for dinner! The Puzzle Roll-Up Case is perfect for storing puzzles up to 39" x 30", while the Jumbo Puzzle Roll-Up Case is for larger puzzles. All you do is roll out the mat, start working on your puzzle, and when it's time to move the puzzle, you simply roll it up for storage! It's easy to enjoy doing your favorite jigsaw puzzles without letting them get in the way.