7th Apr 2017

Farm & Country Puzzles

As the weather continues to warm up and we head full-bore into spring and then summer, it's nice to look back on the days of yore, when you could watch the sun rise in tranquil silence after having successfully completed the morning's round of chores before moving on to the hoeing, weeding, and feeding that come from living on a farm. While we surely don't miss getting up before dawn to milk the cows, and weeding can be a little back-breaking, we will always love the rural peace that only comes from being out in the country.

There are many jigsaw puzzles that feature scenes reminiscent of those mentioned above, and if you let your imagination wander while you put the pieces in, you can almost smell the hay or feel the gentle wind. Take yourself back to those days - and enjoy them from the comfort of your own home - with one of these fun puzzles.

Dinner at Grandma's

From artist Bonnie White comes a heartwarming scene of loved ones uniting for a fun gathering.

Hounds of the Baskerville

Beloved artist Charles Wysocki offers a classic masterpiece in this iconic Americana puzzle of a group of people gathered by the river.

Legacy of Farmall

In this one puzzle, you can see the evolution of the famous Farmall tractors over the decades.

After School Hangout

Every good country child needs a place of solitude once released from school. In this case, it's a stereotypical treehouse with a ladder ... and a book!

Duck Haven

For summer vacations, nothing beats a cabin on the lake. Forest, clear waters, sunset, and local wildlife surround this cozy place.

Lakeside Cottage

Of course, if you want more than a quiet place for fishing in your dream childhood vacation, maybe this is the lake for you - it comes with a tire swing, camp fire, and very excitable ducks and geese.

Prince Edward Island Green Gables

Sure, you know it best from the classic movie "Anne of Green Gables," but this beautiful location stands on its own! Eric Dowdle brings us rolling fields.

Evening at the Barnyard

Last-minute chores are being finished as the sun gets ready to set on a well-kept yard with chickens, sheep, and other livestock.

With more than 300 puzzles of varying sizes and piece-counts to choose from, there is something for everyone in this delightful category. Hop over to our Farm & Country Puzzles pages, browse, and select something you'll like. Remind yourself of those fun days on the farm, imagine what it might have been like if you didn't experience it, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

And of course, Happy Puzzling!