18th Oct 2017

City & Urban Jigsaw Puzzles

Okay, we'll admit it -- we love Americana-style, rural, America-of-yesteryear jigsaw puzzles with bright colors and fields and farmers. We can't get enough of them, actually. But then, we like to change things up every so often, so we're featuring our  City & Urban Puzzles section this week. We know you'll find something you like in here.

Not all of these urban puzzles are downtown-type images. In fact, most of them are not. Here you can find classic cars, old diners, and scenic photos of coastal towns. You'll find famous Venice, picturesque Colmar, and classic Route 66 tourist stops. 

Note: To help you navigate the site easier, here's a quick tip: use the top menu to select "More," and then choose "City & Urban" under the "Scenery" section. Once there, if you have a preference on brand, piece size, or number of pieces, you can easily narrow down results by selecting these options on the left side menu. Keep in mind that puzzles are automatically shown in alphabetical order; if you would like to see best-sellers first, or find the cheapest puzzles first, you can use the "Sort by" box just above the first puzzles on the page. This should help you more quickly get to what you're really looking for.

As usual, we're just going to feature a few of the Urban puzzles we like.

Cafe Van Gogh

This is a beautiful and quaint little cafe on the corner of a cobblestone street.

On the Road Again

The Last Change Motel, from the "Cruisin' Route 66" series, has many classic cars parked outside.

Market Square

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany, is a delightful place to be, complete with flowers, fountains, and small shops.

Bon Voyage: Turkey

Colorful lanterns hang along the street market tables full of food, candy, and other items.

More Puzzles

Of course, these featured titles are only the beginning. We have more than 200 city and urban puzzles to make sure you can find whatever you're looking for. Want to see the world from the comfort of your own home? Grab a puzzle. Want to enjoy beautiful art and a fun task at the same time? Yep, get a puzzle. The possibilities are almost endless.

Happy Puzzling!