Posted by Wholesale Puzzles on 8th Mar 2018

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Spring is on the way, and with the warmer weather comes new flowers, green leaves, birds, and baby animals! The ice and snow are melting, the clouds are parting, buds are popping out; it's a great season and we love it so much we'd like to showcase some of our favorite spring puzzles. These all feature the spring theme and will help get you in the mood to enjoy sunshine and warmth.

Spring Wedding

This is a perfect way to start off our spring puzzles - with a Spring Wedding! Americana artist Bob Pettes offers family and friends celebrating outside of a rural chapel as happy newlyweds exit to the excited greetings. This 1000-piece puzzle from Springbok also has a clear blue lake with ducks and interested visitors.

The Potting Shed

One of the first things we do when the snow melts away and we can see the grass and dirt is fill up our flower beds with colorful seeds and plants! This Potting Shed is the perfect place to go - not only does it have landscaping tools, dirt, pots, and potted flowers, but it also has some adorable kittens playing while their mother naps in the wicker chair. 1000-piece puzzle from Cobble Hill.

Bouquet for Bluebirds

One of the fun ways you can really tell that winter is wrapping up is when the warm-weather birds start showing up in your yard, and this puzzle is no exception! Two little bluebirds have stopped in to a flower-covered birdhouse for a snack of tasty seeds. Bouquet for Bluebirds is a 500-piece Sunsout puzzle with art by D. Loren Guttormson.


As the season progresses, we get another pleasant surprise from spring - the gift of sweet-smelling, beautiful, and colorful flowers. We can leave them in the yard or pick them and put them in a pot to enjoy them inside, as you can see in this 300-piece large piece puzzle - Springtime - from Ceaco. These tulips and daffodils are attracting bumble bees and butterflies alike.

If you like birds, you're in luck - spring puzzles feature a lot of birds and birdhouses, because that's often when they flock in for a rest or a quick meal of whatever morsels we leave out for them! Of course, you can also enjoy a lot of flowers and planting puzzles in this category, too.

Hop over to our spring category, buy yourself a puzzle or two, do them during the colder hours of the day, and then head outside for the warmth and sun!

Happy Puzzling!