15th Jun 2016

Browse Bird Jigsaw Puzzles

If ornithology is your thing - or maybe you just like birds, then you're going to love these puzzles. Here at Wholesale Puzzles, we have a large collection of puzzles where birds are the main subject. Eagles, sparrows, cardinals, finches, and more are all available for your puzzling pleasure.

This owl is sitting comfortably in a tree as the leaves turn orange and yellow for autumn. If owl puzzles are your thing, you can find several right here.

We have plenty of duck puzzles, too. This adorable family of ducklings is following faithfully behind their mother while a curious kitten checks them out. Browse some duck puzzles here.

If you like brightly colored puzzles instead, you might be more interested in tropical parrots! These gorgeous birds look great in flight or sitting in this puzzle.

We also feature puzzles like this one of a peacock with his feathers on full display!

Of course, if you like more traditional puzzles, we have plenty of those. This is one of our favorites, with cute little bluebirds enjoying peaches both on and off the tree. Check out sparrow puzzles here.

This puzzle is for farm and country lovers! Prominently featuring a John Deere tractor, it also showcases several pheasants in flight. Look at more John Deere puzzles right here.

You can find the whole section of Bird Jigsaw Puzzles here, so hop on over, check out our cute feathered friends, and find something you like. If you don't see anything you like, you can always contact us and let us know what you're looking for!