8th Sep 2017

Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles

Ah, fall! The weather is less scorching (although there are unfortunately still wildfires and other problems), the kids are back in school, and the days are shorter. The trees change color, and if you can get past the tedium of raking leaves every weekend, it's a beautiful season. A scenic autumn drive always hits the spot.

If you aren't in a place where you get to enjoy the beauties of a traditional fall, you live in the city and miss the trees, or you don't want to go out on the actual drive, you will probably be interested in a jigsaw puzzle with fall themes. See the gorgeous yellows, oranges, and reds of the trees, and enjoy doing a puzzle without raking a single leaf.

We have a large selection of  autumn puzzles, so be sure to browse them and find your favorites. 

Sharon Woods, Ohio

This beautiful road has a lake on one side, and red and green trees on the other!

Fall's Bounty

It looks like these birds are stockpiling mushrooms and other goodies for the winter!

Harvest Festival

Eric Dowdle brings us a large group of people feverishly picking out their favorite pumpkins.

Pumpkins for Sale

This John Deere puzzle is a rural reminder of the good old days. A bright red barn, the sun peeking up in the morning, and chickens grazing in the path make you smile.

Fall in Love

We couldn't resist this one - two kids go for a pleasant walk together in autumn.

Friends in Autumn

Two dogs go exploring in a tiny lake outside of a white country house.

Have a fun, warm, and safe autumn season!