Artist Features Terry Redlin & Chuck Pinson

5th Oct 2017

Artist Features Terry Redlin & Chuck Pinson

We have many favorite artists on this website (Charles Wysocki, Heronim, Jane Wooster Scott, and Norman Rockwell, to name a few), and we snatch up their puzzles as soon as they become available, but there are also some other extremely talented artists whose work we absolutely love. Two of those are Terry Redlin and Chuck Pinson.

Terry Redlin

The art of Terry Redlin is some of the most beautiful and detailed art in the Americana genre today. He is a master painter with a keen eye for being able to capture the scenes of America and placing it carefully onto canvas.

Morning Surprise

Terry Redlin was born in 1937 and raised in South Dakota. He graduated with a degree in arts and worked as a commercial artist and graphic designer for nearly 25 years. I 1977, his work ""Winter Snows"" made the cover of The Farmer magazine and he retired from commercial arts two years later to pursue his passion of painting. Redlin's work encompasses a very broad spectrum of Americana art. His painting often feature scenes from the rural west. Dogs and children are frequently featured, captured together in a single moment.

Here at Wholesale Puzzles, we have been fortunate to stock some of his puzzles, which have been newly minted. We have nine different pieces to choose from, including some of his more famous work.

Several puzzles of Redlin's work can be found on our site. Be sure to collect them all! Find More Terry Redlin Jigsaw Puzzles

Chuck Pinson

Chuck Pinson was raised in North Carolina with his two brothers. He had no art training other than a class in school and watching Bob Ross on TV, and many of his early art supplies were purchased by his grandmother after she saw something he'd painted on a lunch break during his day job. He is a devout Christian.

Inspirations of Spring

Ironically, he also gets at least some of his inspiration from our other featured artist: "My techniques come from both personal experimentation and the study of historical painting methods," he said. "Of notable influence are the 19th century American Luminists, such as Albert Bierstadt and the Hudson River School painters, as well as recent American artists, like G. Harvey, Terry Redlin, and Thomas Kinkade. While I appreciate these influences, each piece I create is meant to capture my own unique vision and imagination."

You can find these stunning landscape puzzles by Chuck Pinson here.