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4th Nov 2013

Thomas Kinkade Invaded by Star Wars?

American artist Jeff Bennett has taken our favorite Thomas Kinkade and... improved?... upon his work. Here's one scene you'll surely enjoy. Bennett takes famous Kinkade works and inserts Star Wars cha …

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28th Oct 2013

Learn More About Harry Wysocki

Mega Brands just released the latest six titles in the Hometown Puzzle Series from Heronim (Harry) Wysocki.  The previous six titles in the Hometown Series were our top selling jigsaw puzzles in …

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8th Jul 2013

Americana Collection Arrives

The newest in the Americana Collection jigsaw puzzles have arrived here at Wholesale Puzzles. This new batch includes six new titles. You can find them all RIGHT HERE. …

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14th Mar 2013

Up to 20% Off

Do you have the Luck of the Irish? We've hidden three promo codes somewhere on our website this week! Search our site to find your own "Pot o' Gold"... or maybe it's a clover. Who knows? Eit …

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