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20th Apr 2015

Featured Puzzles of J. Charles

In our latest shipment of Karmin puzzles, we received several new series by artist J. Charles, who has a charming style that combines Americana, outdoors, and farm and country. These beautiful scen …

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1st Apr 2015

New Karmin Puzzles in Stock Now!

We've received our latest batch of Karmin puzzles and they are great! There is such a variety of genres, themes, and artists to choose from that no matter what your favorite is, you're sure to find …

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23rd Feb 2015

Choosing Puzzles for Difficulty

A common mistake made by many people shopping for jigsaw puzzles is to look only at piece count. Often, shoppers assume the difficulty of a jigsaw puzzle is based only on the piece count alon …

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8th Feb 2015

New Ceaco Puzzles in Stock Now!

We have recently received a large shipment of Ceaco puzzles, and you're going to love the titles included. We have Americana, cat, dog, Kinkade, Disney, and large piece puzzles, among others. Best …

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22nd Jan 2015

International Brainteaser Month

Everyone knows about Memorial Day, Halloween, or Mother’s and Father’s Day. There are government holidays that let you have a day off work or school and the bustle of life. There are delicious holi …

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25th Dec 2014

New Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles

We know you've been waiting for them, because we have, too -- and here they are! For everyone who didn't see these puzzles when we put them up a few days ago, we wanted to let you know that we have …

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17th Dec 2014

A Brief History of Bob Pettes

Bob Pettes is a well-known artist specializing in Americana paintings that have been reproduced as prints, calendars, puzzles, and so much more. We have many of his works in our jigsaw puzzle colle …

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Posted by Karen Magleby on 2nd Dec 2014

Puzzles Provide a Family Tradition

This article was written by Karen Magleby, a longtime Wholesale Puzzles customer.For more than a decade our family has purchased an annual Christmas puzzle from Wholesale Puzzles. The puzzle is intro …

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19th Nov 2014

Enjoy Some Jigsaw Puzzle Trivia

Are you a true fan of jigsaw puzzles? If you are maybe you already know the answers to these questions. If not, keep reading…here is some fun “jigsaw” trivia: When was the first jigsaw puz …

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15th Oct 2014

A Little About Susan Brabeau

As you may or may not have noticed, we've added a lot of new puzzles to the site recently. Some of them are by a talented artist named Susan Brabeau. You can find them here. Susan i …

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23rd Sep 2014

The Fall Season is Upon Us!

Well, yesterday was the autumnal equinox, which means summer is officially over and we're back into fall! Autumn generally brings cooler weather and some fun holidays, not the least of which are ob …

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21st Aug 2014

New Americana Assortment

We've recently gotten the latest assortment of Americana jigsaw puzzles in stock. These six 500-piece puzzles are vibrant, colorful, and fun! They depict the Americana art you love. Three of them a …

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28th Jul 2014

Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

Hello puzzle doers….Are you surviving the “dog days of summer”? Dog Days, of course, is the name for the most sultry period of summer, from about July 3rd to August 11th, and it has been HOT here …

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16th Jul 2014

We Now Carry Lang Puzzles!

Here at Wholesale Puzzles, we're pleased to announce that we're now carrying many Lang puzzles. These Lang puzzle feature beautiful pictures with themes ranging from fun folk art to flowers and k …

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2nd Jul 2014

Summer Jigsaw Puzzle Photo Contest

For those of you who haven't heard yet, we're having a fun summer photo contest! We've been asking customers to do what they do best -- put those jigsaw puzzles from Wholesale Puzzles together -- a …

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22nd May 2014

Americana Artist Anthony Kleem

His works are featured in many Americana puzzles and galleries; Anthony Kleem loves to render vivid, idyllic, rural settings in his colorful and picturesque artwork. He’s well known throughout t …

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10th Apr 2014

Learn more about Jane Wooster Scott

Vibrant, adventurous, and beautiful, Jane Wooster Scott puzzles have delighted fans of Americana folk art for more than 15 years. As we know our puzzlers here at WholesalePuzzles.com love a good …

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18th Mar 2014

News About Eric Dowdle

In honor of the additional Dowdle puzzles we’ve added to our inventory, as well as the exciting 20% off sale we’re having through March 23rd, we thought we’d introduce everyone to the exciting a …

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