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2nd Nov 2017

Food & Drink Puzzles

Once Halloween is over the rest of the holidays come up on us quickly. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! We love Thanksgiving, both because we enjoy family gatherings and also because we just …

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18th Oct 2017

City & Urban Jigsaw Puzzles

Okay, we'll admit it -- we love Americana-style, rural, America-of-yesteryear jigsaw puzzles with bright colors and fields and farmers. We can't get enough of them, actually. But then, we like to c …

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22nd Sep 2017

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

September is more than half over; autumn officially begins today! We love the warmth of summer, but we also love the beautiful colors of changing leaves, cooler weather, and fun holidays. Of course …

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8th Sep 2017

Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles

Ah, fall! The weather is less scorching (although there are unfortunately still wildfires and other problems), the kids are back in school, and the days are shorter. The trees change color, and if …

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New Ceaco Puzzles

29th Aug 2017

New Ceaco Puzzles

We've got several fun new puzzles from some of our favorite artists - Tracy Flickinger and Debbie Mumm! Both have whimsical styles that can almost always bring a smile to your face. Flickinger br …

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10th Aug 2017

New Charles Wysocki Puzzles

It's the moment you've all been waiting for - we've got four new Wysocki puzzles, and we just know you're going to love them, so we thought we'd let you know they're here so you can grab one before …

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27th Jul 2017

Large Piece Puzzles

We know you love them - they are always our best-sellers! Large piece puzzles are great for their bigger, thicker pieces that are easier to hold for both the young and the elderly alike. Pieces tha …

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30th Jun 2017

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th is coming up quickly, and we love to celebrate the birth of the United States. So many good men and women have, do, and will put their lives on the line to help protect and defend our freedom …

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1st Jun 2017

Puzzles Back In Stock

You've probably noticed already, but in case you hadn't, we wanted to let you know that we've got some of your favorite puzzles back in stock now! If you've been wanting any of the puzzles listed b …

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18th May 2017

Summer Jigsaw Puzzles

We're coming up on a fun time of year. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and nothing sounds better than a comfy, air-conditioned room, with a tall glass of something cool, and a jigsaw …

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4th May 2017

Mother's Day Puzzles

Mother's Day is coming up, and, like you, we are sure thankful for the women in our lives who have helped us successfully make it to adulthood. Mothers, aunts, teachers, foster parents, sisters, an …

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20th Apr 2017

Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles

When you want to reminisce about days that were slower, quieter, and far less busy than the ones we face every day, sometimes the best you can do is some nice music, an old movie, or ... our favori …

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7th Apr 2017

Farm & Country Puzzles

As the weather continues to warm up and we head full-bore into spring and then summer, it's nice to look back on the days of yore, when you could watch the sun rise in tranquil silence after having …

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23rd Mar 2017

Cat Jigsaw Puzzles

We love cats. They're fun to play with, snuggle with, and watch. Of course, there's nothing quite like having a cat ignore you - they're very loud about it. Even so, these creatures are unique and …

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9th Mar 2017

The Latest Lafayette Puzzles

We know you've probably noticed by now, but we have many new Lafayette puzzles in stock now that we know are right up your alley.  Of course, you've already seen the colorful 300-large piec …

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23rd Feb 2017

Spring Jigsaw Puzzles

We don't know about you, but we are definitely ready for the cold, snowy, winter months to be over. We're ready for spring and all that comes with it: the rain, the new flowers, baby ducks, kittens …

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9th Feb 2017

New Pomegranate Puzzles

You've probably noticed by now, but we're now selling a new brand of jigsaw puzzles - Pomegranate. These quality puzzles feature fine art and folk art designs that we know you're going to love. Fro …

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5th Jan 2017

Browse Winter Jigsaw Puzzles

Happy New Year! The holiday season may be over, but there is plenty of cold weather left to be had. One of our favorite things to do is enjoy the cold weather from inside the warm and cozy ho …

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17th Nov 2016

Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

We know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but we're heading into the holiday season, and if you want to get holiday jigsaw puzzles, now is definitely the time to check them out! Deals are popping up …

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3rd Nov 2016

New - Lafayette Puzzles!

For those of you who didn't already notice, we're now carrying Lafayette puzzles! These great puzzles feature a wide variety of piece sizes and styles, so you're sure to find something you like. …

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19th Oct 2016

Shop Dog Jigsaw Puzzles

Let's face it - puppies are adorable, and dogs are man's best friend. Whether you have a dog or just want to picture what it's like to have one at your side, sometimes you need a dog puzzle. When y …

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